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New Membership Portal

We have some very exciting news! FBISACCAAA is the latest Chapter to adopt a new membership management software called Wild Apricot. Approximately 20 Chapters around the nation are using Wild Apricot to ease the flow of operations.

In the last month or two we have been moving our membership database from the old to the new, and working on configuring the many bells and whistles. We are now ready to invite you onboard! 

great reasons for adopting Wild Apricot:

  • Every Citizens Academy Graduate will be able to login to our Wild Apricot portal and review and edit their own information
  • Chapter members (paying members) can make annual payments.
  • Board members can communicate about events and collect RSVPs.
  • We can take other payments and donations. 
  • The organization can keep a tidy and tight ship, all from ONE place! 

Directions for how to login to your new FBISACCAAA account:

Please go to FBISACCAAA Login Page and use forgot password to set a new password for yourself, and then revisit the login window. It should be quick and easy. And once logged in you can update your information.

Please note, your account email is the same one where you receive emails from us.

What to do if you get stuck

Like any new tool, Wild Apricot comes with a learning curve: If you experience anything that seems odd to you and that you think could be improved, please reach out to us at membership@fbisaccaaa.org. We ask for your patience if we cannot get back to you right away, we’ll help you as soon as we can.

To the Future!

We are incredibly grateful to be at this point in our non-profit journey. We look forward to furthering our efforts and streamlining our work in support of the FBI, not to mention the success for our programs (and fun) that Wild Apricot will facilitate for FBI Sacramento Citizens Academy Alumni Association.

As always, thank you for your wonderful support, and “cheers” to the continued improvements and success of our Chapter!

FBI Sacramento Citizens Academy Alumni Association 

Board of Directors