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Focusing on Youth Outreach

As a nonprofit 501(c)3 we collect membership dues, we fundraise, and we accept donations. A portion of our annual budget goes to our mission-focused outreach programs that, overall, aim to raise awareness about the FBI in our communities. Youth outreach is a key focus for the FBI in our region, and we orient our own outreach efforts to support that.

Scholarships for Seniors in Public Safety

Scholarships for seniors on a public safety tract is our signature program. In spring 2022 we were able to award four students each with $500 scholarships for college. The students were chosen from a pool of forty students who attended the FBI Fresno Youth Outreach “An Insider Experience” Day, at Roosevelt High School in Fresno*, an event that we also helped to coordinate.

The three-way partnership we now have with Fresno Unified School District, the FBI, and our association is a model we hope to repeat in other areas of our region in the future.

*The day long program includes FBI agents helping young people understand the danger in the field, and the intense training involved to make quick decisions that limit the risk of violence. The youth learn from bomb techs, SWAT, forensics, and cyber professionals, and they graduate at the end with a certificate.

A teenage boy wearing a blue button-down shirt stands at a table wearing black gloves and appearing to work with bottles of liquids.
Photo Credit: FBI Sacramento | Teen academy.

Boys and Girls Club

Our relationship with the Boys and Girls Club of Fresno County continues to grow and our relationships with individual Clubs keep expanding. Our association provides kits (such as a kit for an art activity) and lunch when FBI agents come to visit.

“The local agents created an art activity that promoted an amazing social emotional learning experience for the youth. The agents also played basketball and other sports and you can see from the smiles on the kids’ faces, that our agents and volunteers make a difference.”

Terri Pieretti, Board Member
People play basketball in a gym - one man is dribbling the ball, another is wearing a green t-shirt that says FBI Fresno on the back, and a younger person is in motion near them.
Photo Credit: FBISACCAAA | FBI agents and children from Boys and Girls Club of Fresno County.
Graphic of a collage of images formed in the shape of a heart, and the words "With Love" in the middle.
Photo Credit: Boys and Girls Club of Fresno County | Email to thank donors and partners.

Volunteer with us! We’re working on expanding our reach. If you are a member of the FBISACCAAA and interested in joining our outreach committee, please email info@fbisaccaaa.org